Product Description

mini gps locator with long battery is portable battery-operated devices that can be stowed in a backpack, professional fleet tracking devices that are hardwired to the vehicle. mini gps locator with long battery is satellite trackers that can monitor the location of heavy equipment in the field or shipping containers at sea, and everything in between.

Product Detail

mini gps locator with long battery Introduction:

mini gps locator with long battery is Portable, magnetic case allows this device to be used for a variety of tracking purposes, from monitoring your teen driver to ensuring the security of your valuables. mini gps locator with long battery is the most advanced version of our best-selling, portable GPS tracker and comes equipped with everything you need to make this portable tracker as powerful as possible



mini gps locator with long battery Specifications


 80 mm x 50 mm x 32 mm





 GPS Chipset

 MT 3336

Operating Humidity


 Operating Temperature

 -20°C to +85 °C

GSM Frequency

 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


 Class 12, TCP / IP

GPS Sensitivity

 -160 dB

 Acquisition Sensitivity


Positioning Accuracy


TTFF (open sky)

 Avg. hot start ≤ 1 sec

Avg. cold start ≤ 35 sec


mini gps locator with long battery Features 


1.Check location via SMS& Platform

2.Built-in high sensitive GPS&GSM antenna

3.Real-time tracking

4.Different smart working modes

5.Voice monitor function

6.External power disconnect alarm                                                     


8.Low battery alarm/remove alarm

Plant equipment

Qualification certificate


Q:Why the GPS tracker device can offline?
A: Maybe there are 3 reasons i.e. device power-off, weak or none signal, SIM card debts or GPRS service overdue.
Q:How can you handle with tracker offline?
A: Firstly, to use your phone call the number of SIM card to make sure the device is power on and the SIM card is well-inserted and with enough balance. Second, to check the GPRS and network. Third, to check device parameter make sure the settings are right. Fourth, to check device status.  

Q:Why you can not monitor?
A:Because you didn't set up the specific SOS number and open the caller display of you SIM card. 

Q:What the payment terms we supply?
A: T/T, Western Union, Paypal.
Q:How long  is the warranty ?
A: 13 Months.

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